Geo DarderPresident


Geo Darder, Founder and President of Copperbridge Foundation, has an exciting history of entrepreneurship, international relations, and event planning.  These talents combined with his passion for arts, culture, and his heritage resulted in the creation of Copperbridge Foundation.

Darder was born in Havana but came to the United States at just 18 months old.  He did not return to Cuba until much later in life but felt an instant connection to the arts, culture, and people of his native country.  His return to Havana inspired others close to him to do the same, which resulted in the creation of the documentary film, Oshuns 11.

With the need to close the gap between his two home countries, the United States and Cuba, Copperbridge Foundation was born. Because of Geo Darder, this bridge continues to connect people of the world through the arts.