Progreso Weekly – Copper Fest

Travel to the United States by Cuban artists has ceased to be an almost unbelievable tale. In the past three years or more, the exchange between the two countries has grown at least in one sense: Cubans are now traveling to U.S. territory.

This year, for the first time, 26 artists with different specialties are flying together to Miami to share space in the same event.

We’re talking about the DanzAbierta company, the group Síntesis, artists Noel Morera, Nicomedes Díaz, Carlos Alberto Rodríguez, Alan Manual González, Alejandro Calzada and Yoruba practitioner Juana Morales, who, from Sept. 4 to 11, will appear at Copper Fest, a production of the U.S. Copperbridge Foundation (CBF).


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