Madre de todos los cubanos (Mother of all Cubans) is a collaborative exhibit and unique collection of works dedicated to “La Virgin de La Caridad del Cobre” (Our Lady of Charity), the Patron saint of Cuba.

The exhibit encompasses the multi-disciplinary work of artists Nicomedes Díaz Gijón (Sculpture and Painting), Noel Morera (Painting), Alan Manuel González (Painting), and Carlos Alberto Rodríguez (Ceramics).

The exhibit weaves together the story of present-day Cuba from the threads of its past. The common thread is the figure and legend of “La Virgin de La Caridad del Cobre”. Each artist tells their unique and personal story about the Virgin, the mother who protects all of her children and is considered to be the mother of all Cubans. Like the Cuban people, the Virgin is represented as a woman of mixed race. Cubans all over the world have a very special and sometimes complex relationship with their Patron Saint and this is very evident in the diverse works of Madre de todos los Cubanos.

Alan Manuel González

Nicomedes Díaz Gijón

Noel Morera

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez

Madre de todos los cubanos (Mother of all Cubans) exhibit was debuted during Copper Fest at the House of Art in Wynwood, Miami.

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