Ceremonies are a part of spiritual existence, helping to align with intention and enabling people to harness energy in a particular direction.

With intention, art blossoms in many forms – music, dance, jewelry, altar creation, to name some.  In this panel discussion, we discuss the art of ceremony, its similarities and differences among different societies as it has traveled and evolved over time.

This panel discussion will take place at Barry University, the collaborating organization for this event

Barry University – Andreas 111 – September 8, 2017 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

It will include the following panelists:

Natalia Bolivar

Anthropologist, Author, and expert on Yoruba religion in Cuba

Juana Morales

Expert of the Yoruba religion and its practice in Cuba (and subject of the photograph by Victoria Cohen in the Familiar Faces exhibit)

Yordanys Gonzalez

Babalawo (Highest order of the Yoruba religion in Cuba) and expert of horticulture in spiritual practice

Donna Freeman

Expert on Yoruba ceremony and art, jewelry

Yanui Abiona

Expert on Afro-Haitian spiritual dance

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