Copperbridge Foundation launched Havana Urban Design in 2012 to showcase Havana’s most talented artists and designers at a grassroots level.

Advisory Board Member and Actress, Julia Stiles, was instrumental in encouraging the young talent to follow their dreams and go all the way!

Walking along 23rd Street and G in Havana, crowds of cool young people wear funky clothes that they hand-crafted from second-hand clothing. Stepping back, we realize that the need for new threads in Cuba has charged the creative spirit of the youth to create original urban wear out of salvaged materials. Copperbridge Foundation has launched the Havana Urban Design program to encourage these happenstance designers to recognize their talents and to use fashion to express their individuality as well as preserve their financial future. By bringing international designers to Havana to interact with the young artists, we hope to enrich them with new opportunities during this unique time of transformation. By delivering their dreams to them, whether it is bringing fabrics, magazines, or people of interest, together we can nurture this flow of creativity and become a part of Havana’s high fashion future.

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