CeramiCommunity offers free arts workshops with local and international professional artists/ professors with the Miami Community bringing senior citizens, kids, and parents together through the arts.


Pedro Pulido is returning from Havana to Miami this year for Copper Fest in collaboration with the North Miami Public Library and WJ Bryan Elementary.  A mural will be created with the students and installed permanently at the school.

Copperbridge Foundation, North Miami Public Library, and Meme Ferré presented Professor Pedro Pulido from the San Alejandro School of Arts and Founder of Cintio Vitier Community Project in Havana, Cuba, to share his experience and expertise with community arts, focusing on his work with CeramiCommunity, with Miami Dade art educators on August 26, 2017 as part of Copper Fest.  They will continue the CeramiCommunity in their classrooms and continue to make an impact on the community through ART!

The first CeramiCommunity offered free arts workshops with visiting Cuban professors/ artists at Key Biscayne K-8 Center (on Key Biscayne, FL) and Bakehouse Art Complex.

CeramiCommunity reunited internationally recognized and award-winning artist, Pedro Pulido, with his principal educator and expert in Afro-Cuban arts, Alexander Carrillo Gonzalez. Together we presented the best of their educational and cultural arts programs from their Cintio Vitier Community Project, created in Havana, Cuba to our Miami-Dade community.

Cintio Vitier brings senior citizens, kids, and parents together through the arts. Copperbridge Foundation has been a proud supporter of the community project for over 5 years and is thrilled to bring the soul of the project to Miami to create  CeramiCommunity.