New York Times – Ready to go to Cuba?

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Planning a trip to Cuba? These days, Americans who want to visit the island can book a room on, the home-stay website, and browse flights on In the fall, they may even be able to set sail by ferry from Miami at dusk and chug into the Bay of Havana in time for breakfast.

These are options unimaginable six months ago, and they reflect the growing range of travel choices borne of the détente between the two countries.

Since President Obama announced on Dec. 17 that his government would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and further ease restrictions on travel there, Americans have been traveling to Cuba in perhaps their biggest numbers since Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution.

Geo Darder, who organizes about four trips per month to Cuba through the Copperbridge Foundation, said Cuban authorities were beginning to promote new destinations like the colonial town of Remedios, as alternatives to Havana and Trinidad, in the center of the island.

“It makes sense,” said Mr. Darder, president of the nonprofit foundation based in Miami. “Just as you can only fit a size-7 foot into a size-7 shoe, there are only so many people you can fit into one city.”

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