“My trip to Cuba was perhaps my best travel experience and I have travelled extensively all over the world. Why was that?  Because I met and had real conversations with so many people from all walks of life. Artists. Taxi drivers. Business people. Hotel staff. Students. Teachers. People on the street. Families. And I brought home not souvenirs but works of art produced by the people of this fascinating country. And I brought home the joy of interacting with these warm, welcoming people who have so little but gave so much. “

Judy Kidder

ruth ann gallant

“A special remembrance:  getting to meet and know Maria Elena, the architect, who first talked to us about the different types of architecture in Havana.  She spoke to us w/ expertise and passion and then led us on an architectural tour of her city.  Enjoying lunch later with her was an added treat.  But to top it off, I got to reconnect w/her this summer in Chicago where a group of us fellow Cuba travelers shared a delightful evening with her. It really is the people, namely Maria Elena, that I remember the most.”

Ruth Ann Gallant


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