Fidel TamayoYou taught me a lot, and in exchange I showed my special hometown (Havana) through my own experience and comments. Thanks a million Geo!!! . Copper bridge Foundation is more than a exclusive cultural program, it’s dream come true, thanks to great true friends!!! Lo mejor!!! From a former Havanatur guide…

Fidel Tamayo

IMG_0083“I was invited to do a people to people exchange through Copperbridge last April in Havana, Cuba.  The focus was on the cultural arts, but they offered to arrange other topics of interest to our small group of 6 travelers.

 I am pleased to report that Copperbridge put our itinerary together with a great deal of flexibility – – moving the daily agenda around as necessary so that we could take advantage of some special access that, by its very nature, takes place on short notice. In that way, we got to meet touring dance companies, see a performance of Carmen and meet the entire Company of dancers, meet with a children’s acting company, meet an acclaimed dress designer in her home, have a special guided tour at an art museum, meet graphic artists in their studio, walk Old Havana with the foremost Cuban City Planner, spend an afternoon in an area near the sea with fancifully decorated homes and meet the owners. I could go on and on, but I’ll end by saying that my expectations were exceed by a wide margin.”

Allen Steinbock


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