Fidel TamayoYou taught me a lot, and in exchange I showed my special hometown (Havana) through my own experience and comments. Thanks a million Geo!!! . Copper bridge Foundation is more than a exclusive cultural program, it’s dream come true, thanks to great true friends!!! Lo mejor!!! From a former Havanatur guide…

Fidel Tamayo

IMG_8103“When we visited the Art School we were hosted by “Oz” a former student and now teacher.  After our tour, he and I talked a bit.  I gave him a gift of photograph notecards that I make and sell is the US … he insisted on giving me a gift of one of his prints.  I recognized it as a head that reflected a map of Havana.  He was pleased that I knew what he wanted to convey; I was touched that he wanted to give me a gift.  “The universal language of the Arts” touched us both.” 

Rosalyn Pachter


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