IMG_0528“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for helping to make it a great trip! We saw so many wonderful places and works of art. It was great to meet your friends in Rio. Being able to see how “real people” live there really added to the experience.”

Cynthia Baldwin

IMG_8103“When we visited the Art School we were hosted by “Oz” a former student and now teacher.  After our tour, he and I talked a bit.  I gave him a gift of photograph notecards that I make and sell is the US … he insisted on giving me a gift of one of his prints.  I recognized it as a head that reflected a map of Havana.  He was pleased that I knew what he wanted to convey; I was touched that he wanted to give me a gift.  “The universal language of the Arts” touched us both.” 

Rosalyn Pachter


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