“My trip to Cuba was perhaps my best travel experience and I have travelled extensively all over the world. Why was that?  Because I met and had real conversations with so many people from all walks of life. Artists. Taxi drivers. Business people. Hotel staff. Students. Teachers. People on the street. Families. And I brought home not souvenirs but works of art produced by the people of this fascinating country. And I brought home the joy of interacting with these warm, welcoming people who have so little but gave so much. “

Judy Kidder

esterio segura cerro studio (4)“Our recent trip to Cuba, led by Copperbridge, was most fulfilling with regard to the artistic and cultural characteristics of the country.  It was interesting to compare Cuban artwork (favorably) with art avaialble in our local community and elsewhere in the US.”  “…The ability to freely mingle with and talk to the Cuban people gave us an excellent insight to what life is like in Cuba.”

Selma & Bob Gevirtzman


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